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It was the most uncomfortable situation we had all ever been in. Even if there were none of the guests in the common area, the group of guy friends would still stay up playing loud music. The last night we were woken up but loud music being played from the sex room.

We asked them the next morning if they could make all of the adjustments to our room. They had a completely different "About" section here. We would have checked out at this point but we had already paid for our nights. Not only did we feel completely uncomfortable we felt nervous and sketched out.

The Locked Room: Mutiny on the High Seas, Game Over: An 8-Bit Adventure, The Wine Cellar, Dead Meat, The Great Train Robbery, Hipster Hangover, Sinister Study, Lair of the Minotaur, Captivity, The Heist, Prison Break, The Forbidden Temple Fantasmia: Count Dracula's Castle, Ghost Ship, Saw, Horror Story, Shambala, Bunker 101, Gory Big Top, A Morning in the Bar, The Mine 2.0, Armageddon: Save the Planet, Super Person, Submarine, Music Studioi Locked: Red Light District, Fort i Locked, Ripper, Sea Fight, Knights and Demons, Mission Impossible, Darkness, Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple, The Hobbit: The Journey to Middle-Earth, Pirate Treasure, Foreign, Saw, Mummy, Harry's Last Horcrux, Silent Hill, Cirque du Satan, The Da Vinci Code, Matrix, Hypnosis Escape Rooms Mesa: Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Captain's Quarters, The Legend of the Lost Dutchman, Cabin in the Woods, Hansel & Gretel, Roswell 1947, Writer's Retreat, Outbreak!

[Ludacris] Welcome to my little sanctuary you been looking so good all day and you got a n-gga really anxious baby better call your boss tell him that your daddy’s home take a couple days off and take it off and leave nothing but your T-shirts and your pantys on feeling high but I’m hung real low looking sorta like a tripod, so power down your cell phone and power up your i Pod power down your inhibitions and power up your inner freak (yes…f-ck) it’s the only words that you finna speak its about to get real x-rated can you handle what I’m ’bout to do but enough about me let me think should I be worrying about if I can handle you damn right I’ma get that thing and I’ma put my name on it all night I’ma whip that thing, all state better put a claim on it I claim my territory, my tongue finna mark you up you could be my fire cracker, my tongue gon spark you up get ready for blast off, waterfalls gon splash off you might lose around 4 or 5 pounds so get ready to sweat your ass off [Trey Songz- Refrain] Welcome to my sex room where your body meets my body its our private after party if you want it girl I got it in my sex room candles and a pole sets your body to your soul from the bed down to the floor, sex rooms mirrors in the head board, even got a camcord baby won’t you dance in my sex room Welcome to my sex room where your body meets my body its a private after party if you want it girl I got it in my sex room [Ludacris - Verse 2] Let the candles burn, Imma turn these lights down and when your body gets hot, it’ll get you licked up and iced down nipples hard as rocks, lips as soft as cotton your the apple of my eye, and I got you spoiled rotten I’mma get my video camera, lets make a movie baby you the star so as soon as I press record you got’s to do me baby you can stare all in the mirror, take a pic at how good you looking Imma have you body smoking, take a look at what Luda’s cooking my arm underneath your leg leg or behind your head is how I gots to get ya right hand left hand all red in the bed like we’ve been playing twister now I’ve got you tangled up and you caught all in my web should I let you loose nah I think I’ll get the blindfold instead you better get a couple towels baby cos we about to slip and slide you don’t ever need a horse or saddle I’mma give you this d-ck to ride I’mma grant your every wish and fulfill your fantasy aint nobody else allowed in the sex room it’s only you and me [Refrain] [End] Fin des paroles de Sex Room (ft Trey Songz).

Then we see Carlton with her beautiful nanny preparing a "playroom." Even if perhaps it's a bit intimate and awkward to prepare this for the world to see, I think its fine to have a playroom -- if that floats their boat. My husband is a great opera lover and we had a great conversation with them afterwards.

He is my best friend and my soulmate and I always feel like I can tell him everything. But regardless how much I hate Brandi's behavior and her hypocrisy; It really hurts me to see her pain because of the loss of beautiful Chica. No matter how bad my relationship might be with someone, I will never wish anything like this even to an enemy and my feelings were with her during that difficult time.

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