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The "Clovis First" and "Beringia Only" theories have been crumbling for years, but for many of us are now totally collapsed.

There is now overwhelming direct evidence for pre-Clovis occupation of the American continents, and virtually no direct evidence that the progenitors of for decades but this was the first time I had been able to go there to see collections, visit sites, give presentations and knapping demonstrations and work with students.

By 1921, East Coast newspapers were looking for ways to increase their circulation.

Newspaper organizations decided to sponsor photographic popularity contests from among their readership and awarded their respective winners with an all expense paid trip to the Second Annual Fall Frolic.

Then in 2006 in World Archaeology Dennis and I published our response.

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to make these available on this web page as they are in copyright.

Once there, frolic organizers placed the young women in an “Inter-City Beauty” contest in which the judging was largely based on their general appeal in appearance, personality, conversations with the judges, and interactions with the crowds.

Miss America is more than a title, it’s a movement of empowering young women everywhere to achieve their dreams by giving them a voice to inspire change and by honoring their commitment to helping others.

An excellent craft/book shop called The Celtic House is in Shore Street.

Look out for the Spirited Soaps shop and their whisky soaps.

So whether you are single woman or man, and are Army, Navy, RAF, Police or looing for a man in uniform, come and look around.

Overcoming addiction every day Teen Challenge is a residential alcohol and drug addiction faith-based program with centres located in Alberta, Atlantic Canada, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

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