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This has gained the programme a reputation for being very funny.An example is seen in the 1987 episode: Taoiseach Charles Haughey discusses what he would do if he were to win money in the newly formed National Lottery.According to Webber, the song's main inspiration was to showcase Perón's emotional state at the time as well as her relationship with husband Juan Perón.Madonna, who starred in the titular role of the film, had tried to change the lyrics of the track to create a sympathetic portrayal of Perón, but was unsuccessful.The song garnered positive response from music critics, many of them highlighting Madonna's enhanced singing ability.It went on to win the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1997.As if the best ever Irish movie wouldn’t have Brendan Gleeson.

"You Must Love Me" features instrumentation from cello and piano which accompanies Madonna's vocals.tells the enchanting tale of a Dublin street musician about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs.As the chemistry between them grows, his music soars to powerful new heights…Emotionally captivating and theatrically breathtaking, everyone's falling for …come and find out why…. The set is actually a working bar, so you’ll not only experience a musical with scads of awards, but you’ll also be able to mosey up on stage and share a pint. The Paddy Lincoln Gang are a rock band with everything - as well as total immersion in sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

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